Woodwind Ensembles

WoodwindFest 2018
Saxophone Ensemble
Dr. Craig Sylvern

Craig Sylvern, Director

Course number:  MU 171-04
Meeting time:  Fridays, 2-3:45pm

The Keene State Saxophone ensemble was established by Dr. Craig Sylvern in 1998 and is open to any KSC student, as well as staff and community members. The group has ranged in size from a quartet to an ensemble of 13 with voices from soprano to bass.

Saxophone Ensemble

Repertoire includes works from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic, and Contemporary style periods. In addition, the ensemble performs transcriptions of popular pieces and encourages members to arrange and compose original works for the group.

Guest performers and conductors have included Dr. Mark Taggart, Dr. Krista Wallace-Boaz, and Dr. Elaine Ginsberg. In addition to performing at Keene State, the Saxophone Ensemble has performed in schools around New Hampshire, community venues in Keene, the 2018 NH All-State Band Festival, and the 2016 Region 8 Meeting of the North American Saxophone Alliance.  For more information, contact Craig Sylvern (csylvern@keene.edu).

Clarinet Choir
Professor Stephanie Jenkins

Stephanie Jenkins, Director

Course number:  MU 171-02
Meeting time:  Fridays, 12-12:50pm

The Clarinet Choir at Keene State College performs music from Bach to D’Rivera.  This ensemble uses the entire range of the clarinet family from sopranino to contra-alto and it provides students a chance to develop a better understanding of the less familiar clarinets through hands-on experience. There is a vast amount of music written for this ensemble and one of the favored genres is Klezmer music, as this style readily avails itself to the clarinet choir.

The Clarinet Choir

There is no audition for the ensemble and we welcome non-majors and students who are majoring on a different instrument but have played clarinet in high school. This group offers a great opportunity to improve upon your clarinet skills while having fun making music!

For more information about Clarinet Choir, contact Professor Jenkins (stephonic2000@comcast.net).

Flute Ensemble

Robin Matathias, Director

Course number:  MU 171-01
Meeting time:  Fridays, 2-2:50pm

The Flute Ensemble

Flute Ensemble is a performance class meeting once a week.  This class is open to all students, staff and community members by audition. Students practice various pieces composed, or arranged, for flute choirs. Students have the opportunity to play all types of flutes, from piccolo and C flute, to alto and bass flutes. Students learn how to listen to others, play in tune, and practice exercises, which results in an in-depth ensemble experience and an impressive performance repertoire.  All students are required to perform in the Chamber Ensembles Concert at the end of each semester.

For more information, contact Professor Robin Matathias (rmatathias@keene.edu).