Music Technology

The B.M. in Music Technology degree prepares students for careers in audio engineering, sound design, or graduate study in music. The degree conforms to standards in music technology set by the National Association of Schools of Music, including audio recording, audio engineering, and studio sound.

Students achieve professional competence in the focus area of audio engineering, including but not limited to fluency in microphone technique, and develop a knowledge base of other peripheral equipment. This focus area emphasizes fundamentals of recording equipment and practice, including equipment calibration, alignment, and testing, and studio set-up for recording in various professional settings. In addition, students receive advanced practica in professional recording studio operation as well as live sound techniques.

Additionally, students achieve basic competence in the focus area of sound design. This area emphasizes the study of physical acoustics and psychoacoustics, with an emphasis on music and audio applications. Topics include software synthesis, acoustic modeling, wave mechanics, acoustic measurements, tuning and temperament, and the perceptual properties of sound.

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Craig Sylvern, Music Technology Instructor

In October, Music Tech and Percussion majors welcomed Metal Blade recording artist Justin Foley of the twice Grammy nominated band Killswitch Engage. Thanks to Justin for talking about his hybrid background in both classical and popular music.
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