Departmental DPEC Guidelines

Art and Design DPEC Standards, 2019
Biology Department 2019 DPEC Standards
Chemistry Department 2018 DPEC Standards
Communication and Philosophy DPEC Guidelines May 2019
Computer Science Department 2018 DPEC Standards
Economics and Political Science 2010 DPEC Guidelines
Education Promotion and Tenure Guidelines
English Department 2011 DPEC Standards
Environmental Studies 2012 DPEC Standards
Film Department 2011 DPEC Standards
Geography DEPC Guidelines
Public Health DPEC Guidelines Tenure Track, 2018
Public Health DPEC Guidelines, Clinical Faculty, 2018
History Department 2011 DPEC Standards
Holocaust and Genocide Studies – DPEC guidelines
Human Performance and Movement Science, Fall 2020
Mason Library 2019 DPEC Standards
Management 2019 DPEC Standards
Math Department 2011 DPEC Standards
Modern Languages DPEC Guidelines
Music Department 2019 DPEC Standards
Nursing DPEC Guidelines September 2013
Physics Department 2011 DPEC Standards
Psychology DPEC Guidelines 2015-2016
Safety Studies DPEC Guidelines F12
SPDA DPEC Guidelines SP16
Sociology, Anthropology, Criminal Justice DPEC Guidelines 2019
Theatre and Dance DPEC Guidelines 2019
Women’s and Gender Studies DPEC Guidelines