Faculty Recognition: Excellence in Teaching, Service and Scholarship

Distinguished Teacher Award

Presented by the Alumni Association to a KSC professor at the New Student Convocation, the award is based on excellence in teaching, encouragement of independent thinking, rapport with students, and effective student advising. Recipients must be full-time, tenure-track faculty with at least three years teaching time at Keene State College.  MORE

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Distinguished Teacher of the Year Recipients

Faculty Distinction in Research and Scholarship Award

The faculty distinction in research and scholarship is intended to honor faculty members who have over a significant part of their tenure at Keene State College engaged in research and scholarship which is recognized by their professional peers both within and outside the institution and which represents an effort above and beyond that required for promotion and tenure.



Faculty Distinguished Service Award

The Faculty Distinguished Service Award is presented annually to a member of the tenured Keene State College faculty in recognition for notable service to the College and/or a department or unit or constituency within the College.  The award honors faculty members who have dedicated themselves to a variety of efforts over a significant period of time at the institution and who have gone above and beyond the levels of service that are typically associated with faculty advancement at the College.  The award recipient will receive an honorarium and will be honored and asked to speak at the Faculty Excellence Dinner. The recipient will also have the opportunity to be recognized at other gatherings and will serve on the faculty selection committee for this award in future years.  MORE



Adjunct Faculty Performance Awards and Excellence in Teaching Award

Keene State College may recognize up to 10 adjunct faculty members for the Performance Award in an academic year. Per the contract, adjunct faculty members who have been formally evaluated during the current academic year are eligible to be nominated. In addition, adjunct faculty for whom there has been no formal evaluation in the past four years because the adjunct faculty member’s semester of evaluation has not yet come up, that person may be nominated by the Department Chairperson or Dean based on student evaluations and other informally submitted materials. From those adjunct faculty earning a Performance Award, one will be chosen each year for the Excellence in Teaching Award.



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