Completing an internship while a Film Studies student is a GREAT idea. An internship will give you some real-world experience and help you make professional contacts. It is important to understand that securing an internship is UP TO YOU. You’ll have to hustle – but your Advisor, along with KSC’s Career Advising office, are ready to help!

Below are some FAQ’s about internships:

Where do I start?! 

We recommend that you take Film 399: Career Development in Film and Media. This course is offered each year and can be taken by Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors. In the course, you will learn how to write a resume, cover letter, search for internships and jobs, give a great interview, plus a lot more.

How do I create a resume? 

The Career Advising office has posted some amazing resources to help you get started. Once you have a draft of your resume, make an appointment with Career Advising and an expert will help you create a second, stronger draft of your resume.

Can I earn credit for my internship? 

Students have the option to complete an internship for credit. Students must complete proper paperwork with their Advisor and Internship Supervisor if they wish to receive credit for their internship. The internship MUST occur during the semester in which credit is earned. For summer internships, this means paying for a summer class.

What kind of internship can I find here in Keene? 

Film Studies has some ongoing partnerships with local organizations who take KSC interns. Some of these include: Monadnock International Film Festival, Florentine Films, and Glass and Gear. Some local businesses hire media interns, like Yankee Publishing and Electronic Imaging Materials.

I have a car and I want to get an internship somewhere in the New England region – what do I do? 

Students have worked on film sets in the greater New England / New York region, and some have traveled even further to complete internships. For example, we have had a number of students complete internships through the Creative Mind Group, which pairs students with internships at film festivals internationally. Our students have gone to the Telluride, Sundance, and Cannes Film Festivals!

How do I get an internship in LA? 

You have a few options: Find an internship posted online and apply (“Netflix seeks Marketing Interns”), or use an existing contact to set an internship up (like your cousin who works at Netflix), or just reach out to a person or production house whose work you like (“Dear Netflix, I love what you do and I want to be a part of it!”).  Once you have set something up, you’ll have to tackle the logistics of flights, housing, transportation, etc. But keep the faith, because now you’re on your way!

How do I use Google to find an internship?

First, determine when and where you are interested in doing an internship. For example: Summer in Portsmouth, NH. Do a preliminary Google search – location + season + Film internship. If you want experience on set, you might search location + season + Film PA. You might also contact the state Film and Television office to see if any productions are filming during the period you want to complete your internship.

Where else can I look online for an internship? 

Check out these sites for internship and job posts:

New England Film 

Staff Me Up


Production Hub


1-800-KSC-1909 · 229 Main St. Keene, New Hampshire 03435