Co-curricular activities allow students to learn and grow together, all through the shared passion of Film!

Film Living/Learning Community: First-year students can join the Film LLC, where they will get to know each other in a brand-new, state of the art shared living facility AND in the classroom.

Film Society: Did you know that there is a movie theater right here on campus? There is! It is the Putnam and it is programmed and operated by Film Society, KSC’s club for cinema enthusiasts. Films are screened 7 days a week during the school year, and admission is only $2 for students. Get involved! Film Society meets every Tuesday at 9:45pm in the Putnam.

Keene State Media Productions: If you like gear, this club is for you! KSMP hosts technical workshops, completes client projects, and facilitates the 7-day Film Competition, in which students create, shoot, and edit a five-minute film—in one week!

Employment: Film Studies is always looking for students to work as lab monitors, film library monitors, and as staff members in the Equipment Room. If you are interested, please send the following materials to the Media Technology and Equipment Specialist, Miranda Dean.

  1. Resume with your work experience
  2. Cover letter stating if you are a Work Study student, why you want to work in a particular position, and what experience you have that makes you qualified. Please not that Juniors and Seniors are given priority in the Equipment Room and that you need to have taken at least 2 Production classes, including Film 250 and Film 350. Lab monitors need to be at least Sophomore status. Film Library Monitors can be any level student.

If the Equipment Specialist thinks you are qualified, she will email you and ask you to come in for a brief interview. In order to have student employment at Keene State, you will need to fill out a W-4 form and an I-9 form and bring 2 forms of identification with you to your interview. Both Work Study and non-Work Study students are eligible; first priority is given to Work Study students, but we often hire others to fill positions.