Modern Languages

The study of a foreign language, literature, and culture has traditionally been a core component of a true liberal arts education. In today’s globalized world, this academic tradition has acquired a more urgent, practical dimension. Here at Keene State College, we offer majors and minors in Spanish and French and a minor in German, as well as courses in other languages.

The Department of Modern Languages offers a number of options to incorporate the study of French, German, and/or Spanish into your education, your career, and your life. You can major in French or Spanish, minor in French, Spanish, or German, or simply take courses that will help you improve your employment marketability no matter what your future line of work might be. Many of these courses also serve as credit toward the completion of the Integrative Studies Program and the fulfillment of other school requirements.

Our classes are small, usually no more than twenty students and often—especially at the upper levels—even smaller than that, which allows for plenty of interaction between the instructor and the students, opportunities for close collaboration between them, and time to actually use the target language in the classroom. And also outside of the classroom: we have local chapters of Pi Delta Phi, the French national honor society, and Sigma Delta Pi, the national collegiate Hispanic honor society, as well as a French Club and a Spanish Club, all of which organize events and activities throughout the academic year. In addition to this, our students have access to free tutoring to make sure they get the most out of their courses.

Our graduates get jobs! One survey respondent wrote: “Every job that I applied for, I was offered a position.” Students who pursue teacher certification in French or Spanish are often hired as soon as they finish their courses. Elementary education majors know how important it is to be fluent in a second language as they prepare to teach in our nation’s many bilingual schools. Employment for teachers is projected to grow and foreign languages are a critical shortage area in New Hampshire and other states. Our K-12 teacher certification programs in French and Spanish are accredited by the New Hampshire Council for the Certification of Teacher Education and nationally recognized by the National Council on the Accreditation of Teacher Education.

The Department of Modern Languages provides the foundation for the active use of French, German, and Spanish in academic and professional fields such as education, business, economics, government, social work, health services, art, literature, philosophy, engineering, computer science, and other careers. Our courses encourage the highest levels of academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, language skills, and multicultural awareness.

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