Staff Recognition Committee


The Staff Recognition Committee is comprised of a cross section of campus; each division is represented as is each work group on campus; Adjunct Staff, Operating Staff, and PAT.  Our role is to identify, develop, implement, manage and promote a fair and flexible staff recognition program.

Our responsibilities as SRC committee members is to inspire staff to feel valued and appreciated in their work as well as recognized for their contributions to the success of KSC. Members must be optimistic, energetic, be able and willing to recognize contributions and express gratitude, and be a campus Cheerleader.   Members must be able and willing to fully participate in both the mission and the formal and informal activities of the SRC.


The SRC received their charge from the President and Cabinet. SRC’s work supports the current KSC strategic plan’s objective (Goal 4: Community and Culture):

4.1. Create and support a diverse community of learners and sustain an environment in which all feel welcome, safe, and valued.

As well as support the following action:

4.1.3. Identify and charge a cross-divisional group to review the 2014 Campus Climate Survey results and the data gathered from 4.1.1 and 4.1.2 above and propose 3-5 initiatives to enhance the campus culture, to be accomplished before the next Campus Climate Survey in 2017.