Keene State College 2023 International Call for Scores

The Keene State College Department of Music is offering an $800 cash prize to the successful winner of its Biennial International Call for Scores. Composers of any age, residence, and citizenship are invited to submit works for 1-4 players according to the criteria listed below.

Application fee
Composers are required to pay an application fee of $25. Click here to pay.

Composers are invited to submit one full score, 5-15 minutes in length, for 1-4 players from any subset of the following instrumentation. Instrumental doublings are not permitted unless indicated.

violin (up to two players)
flute (one player; may include alto or bass flute)
oboe and/or English horn (one player)
French horn
trombone, euphonium, or tuba (one player)
saxophone (two players: soprano, alto, tenor, baritone)
percussion (one player)

Submitted works may include tape accompaniment, as long as the set-up can be accomplished via laptop, one laptop performer, and a standard sound system

How to Apply

  1. Submit a $25 application fee here
  2. After submitting an application fee, submit application materials. You will be prompted to submit the following items:
    • Composer’s name, title and date of the work, instrumentation, and duration.
    • Attach a pdf of the score. Parts will not be accepted at this time.
    • Attach a pdf of a brief résumé or CV containing the composer’s contact information.
    • Attach a pdf containing a one-paragraph bio of the composer (to be used in program notes) and a brief performance history of the work being submitted.
    • Attach an mp3 recording of the work, or provide a link to Soundcloud or similar audio site. Live performances are preferred, but if the work has never been performed, a MIDI recording will be accepted.
    • If a text is included in the work, provide written proof of permission.

Role and Responsibility of the Winning Composer
Keene State College’s Department of Music is committed to bringing new works to its campus, in an effort to introduce new music to our students and to help contribute to a long and successful lineage in the creation and dissemination of new works. To maximize our students’ understanding and appreciation for these new works, we ask that the Call for Scores winning composer take part in a panel discussion on the day or evening of the performance at Keene State College.

The winning composer will be asked to speak during a lecture recital and take part in a panel discussion that addresses the compositional process and any applicable topic related to the composition. The lecture recital will take place in the Alumni Recital Hall in front of a small audience comprised of music students and faculty. This presentation will make use of KSC’s cutting edge live-stream technology in combination with a live remote connection to the composer, for an online, live-streamed performance and discussion.

About the Competition
The 2023 winning composition will be performed by faculty members from the Department of Music. Submissions to the 2023 Call for Scores will be viewed by an in-house committee of faculty and students. A winner will be announced by December 15, 2023.

An application fee of $25 per entry will be used to compensate adjunct faculty performers and to help offset the prize money awarded to the winning composer.

Past winners of the KSC Call for Scores, as well as Keene State College current and former faculty, students, and alumni, are not eligible to apply for the 2020 Call for Scores. Keene State College and adjudicators for the 2023 Call for Scores reserve the right to award no winner. In the case that no winner is chosen, all application fees will be returned.

Questions may be directed to Professor Heather Gilligan at

1-800-KSC-1909 · 229 Main St. Keene, New Hampshire 03435