Holocaust and Genocide Studies (HGS) Faculty

The following are Core Faculty in the HGS Department:

  • Dr. James Waller, Cohen Professor and Chair of HGS
  • Dr. Ashley Greene
  • Dr. Dana Smith
  • Dr. Elisa von Joeden-Forgey
  • Dr. Lisa DiGiovanni (holds split appointment with Department of Modern Languages and Cultures)
  • Dr. John Sturtz (holds split appointment with the Education Department)

The following are Affiliated Faculty who, while housed in another academic department, teach courses cross-listed with HGS:

  • Dr. Larry Benaquist, Film Studies
  • Dr. Elaine Ginsburg, Music
  • Dr. Sander Lee, Communication & Philosophy
  • Dr. Emily Robins-Sharpe, English
  • Dr. Therese Seibert, Sociology

For more information, please contact the HGS departmental administrative assistant Michele Kuiawa.

1-800-KSC-1909 · 229 Main St. Keene, New Hampshire 03435