Passionate Thought Leaders Show the Way

Keene State is home to the Cohen Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies, one of the nation’s oldest Holocaust resource centers. The Center has attracted internationally renowned scholars, many of whom have designed features of the course of study used at Keene State College. Our faculty take a personal interest in students. The academic backgrounds of our own faculty attest to the breadth and diversity of this field. From historians to clergy, from filmmakers to social activists, our diverse educators approach the most horrible events in human history with passion and compassion, skill, and wisdom.

Holocaust and Genocide Studies (HGS) Faculty

The following are Core Faculty in the HGS Department:

  • Dr. James Waller, Cohen Professor and Chair of HGS
  • Dr. Ashley Greene
  • Dr. Hank Knight (holds dual appointment as Director of Cohen Center of Holocaust and Genocide Studies)
  • Dr. Lisa DiGiovanni (holds split appointment with Department of Modern Languages and Cultures)

The following are Affiliated Faculty who, while housed in another academic department, teach courses cross-listed with HGS:

  • Dr. Larry Benaquist, Film Studies
  • Dr. Elaine Ginsburg, Music
  • Dr. Karen Honeycutt, Women’s & Gender Studies
  • Dr. Sander Lee, Communication & Philosophy
  • Dr. Emily Robins-Sharpe, English
  • Dr. Therese Seibert, Sociology
  • Dr. John Sturtz, Education