Communication students can engage in experiential learning and gain professional experience with an internship. During an internship, students apply communication concepts that they learn in the classroom to a professional setting.

Internship course during Spring 2016 semester
Internship course during the Spring 2016 semester

Communication students at Keene State College have done internships in marketing and communications, event planning, community outreach, client or public relations, social media management and media production, customer service, human resources, research or editorial assistance, and a range of other professions.

Communication students who are interested in completing an internship for Keene State College credit must enroll in COMM 379: Internship, typically during the spring semester of their junior or senior year, or during the summer between their junior and senior year. Students enrolled in the course will meet as a class once per week, while the second class period will be folded into on-site work. There are pre-established benchmarks for the course and the on-site internship that evaluate student performance.

By maintaining relationships with companies and organizations in the Monadnock region of New Hampshire and working closely with career advisors along with the corporate relations officer at Keene State College, the department maintains an updated list of companies and organizations that offer internships for which students may apply. Some past work sites where students interned include:

The instructor who is assigned to teach COMM 379: Internship during the current academic year is Dr. Chitra Akkoor.

To register for an internship, students must be a matriculated student (admitted to Keene State college), have successfully completed at least 12 credits in communication, and have a minimum 2.0 GPA (through the most recent semester). If that criteria is met, then the student needs to follow this 4-step procedure to enroll in the course:

4-Step Procedure:
1. The semester before COMM 379: Internship is offered, meet with the instructor who is teaching the course. This meeting can occur during the group advising session run by the Department of Communication and Philosophy or by appointment.

2. During the meeting with the instructor who is teaching the internship course, the instructor will discuss with the student different internship sites and opportunities to ensure best fit and explain other course requirements. Students may also tell the instructor about internship opportunities they would like to pursue.

3. After meeting with the instructor who is teaching the internship course, the student will be given permission to register for the course and then the instructor will arrange interviews with the internship sites to happen later in the semester before the course begins.

4. Once the interviews are completed and the internship site has been determined, the instructor will have the student sign the necessary forms and work agreements with the company or organization so that the student can begin the internship the next semester.


With questions, contact the instructor who is assigned to teach COMM 379: Internship during the current academic year: Dr. Chitra Akkoor