Debate Club

Do you like to engage in argument and debate about hot topics such as gun control, drug policy, federal healthcare, gay rights, and abortion? Do you like to have intellectual conversations?

Members of the Debate Club posit gun control on college campuses
A public debate forum about guns on college campuses

Founded in 2011, the Debate Club is a registered student club at Keene State College open to students with varying interests and skill levels from across campus. The Debate Club develops social consciousness concerning controversial domestic and international issues. Students in the club strive to learn critical argumentative skills that allow for clear, articulate and informed conversations each week and during large-scale public debate forums.

The Debate Club at Keene State College is in the process of becoming a member of the American Parliamentary Debate Association.

Brian Rabadeau '13 debates XYZ
The Keene State College Debate Club draws students from across campus but some members, such as Brian Rabadeau ’13, are communication majors

The Debate Club meets weekly at 6 p.m. on Wednesdays in Student Center 307. Additionally, club members organize campus-wide debates involving students and faculty, and have co-sponsored these events with other student clubs, centers, and civic engagement initiatives at the college (e.g. Feminist Collective, Counseling Center, American Democracy Project).

Current Student Executive Board of Debate Club:
Tanner Semmelrock (President)

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For more information, contact the Faculty Advisor to the Debate Club: Dr. Emily McGill-Rutherford