Department Mission
The Department of Communication and Philosophy at Keene State College aims to develop active and informed citizens who think critically. To that end, we focus on the means by which messages are created, articulated, and consumed by individuals as they participate in their private, public, and professional lives. Communication majors develop, analyze, and present persuasive arguments. They also learn skills to conduct quantitative and qualitative research and disseminate knowledge.

In the department, we value:

Communication majors at Keene State College
Keene State College communication majors Jonathan Wallace ’13, Collette Reynolds ’13, and Elizabeth Lange ’13

The Communication Major
More students major in communication than any other major in the School of Arts and Humanities at Keene State College.

Specifically, the communication major at Keene State College is an interdisciplinary program combining courses in communication and philosophy. The major is designed to take a broad-based, humanities-centered view of the symbolic ways humans create meaning. The program will focus on the development of skills as students learn to work with various communication tools to improve their own ability to interact effectively with others. Students will also increase their critical awareness as they study the structure, patterns, and effects of communication on both themselves and society.

On average, students who enter Keene State College as freshmen, and receive Bachelor’s degrees in communication from Keene State College, graduate in 4.19 years with 124.52 cumulative credits, according to data collected by the college about students who graduated during the 2012-2013 academic year. This means that communication majors graduate in a timely manner.

Communication alumni go on to graduate and professional schools, work as teachers, writers, and social activists, or work in a variety of fields utilizing a liberal arts education including human resources, media, advertising, public relations, politics, and many other fields.

Student enrolled in IHCOMM 171: Public Speaking
A Keene State College student enrolled in the foundational communication course, IHCOMM 171: Public Speaking

The Keene State College online catalog includes a complete list of courses in communication and philosophy.