Communication Student Monique Vachon Interns with Academic and Career Advising

Monique Vachon is a senior here at Keene State College. She is a communication major with a uniquely paired environmental studies minor. The second Monique heard about the internship course, she knew she wanted to be in it. She contacted the professor, who also happens to be her advisor, Dr. Chitra Akkoor. She knew she didn’t want an internship that was outside of Keene. She wanted to find somewhere very local, preferable that she could walk to. They discussed her interests, and from there she got an interview with Good Fortune Jewelry and Academic and Career Advising. She ended up choosing Academic and Career Advising, which happenthumbnail_img_0114s to be right on campus. The internship at Good Fortune was paid, and ACA was not. “I decided to pick ACA over Good Fortune just because I thought I would get more out of it. I just really liked the overall environment of the office. The people I talked to there just really seemed like they wanted to get the full experience. So I did pick an unpaid internship over a paid one, but I think overall, I made the right decision.” She’s not quite sure what she wants to do after graduation, but explains that this experience in general will benefit her greatly one way or another. “I’m kind of in between. I’m not sure if I want to get a job right away after I graduate, or if I want to take a year off and do AmeriCorps, something service related. The past 16 years of my life I’ve been in school and it’s just a lot. For my own personal benefit, just to take a year off and do some sort of service might give me a better sense of direction of what I actually want to do.”

For the past few months, Monique has worked closely with another intern for ACA to plan and organize the career fair, which included multiple employers and graduate schools. With such a big role to take on, she has been fortunate enough to have so many other people in Academic and Career Advising supporting her. “I would say my favorite part of this internship is just the people I work with. They are all so understanding and compassionate. The director is just incredible. Everyone gets along so well. Not to mention, the people I work with are career advisors so it’s pretty cool to have a group or people there supporting you in whatever you want to do but also being able to work directly with them.” Monique explains that before her internship, she wasn’t aware of how much ACA actually does. The only struggle that she had was just adjusting to how much time she had to put into the career fair. “I’m not usually a busy person, so it was a lot to take on. But it was definitely worth it watching it all come together the day of the fair”. The COMM-379 Internship course only meets in class once a week, and Monique explains that it’s beneficial to take the class instead of just doing the internship on your own:  “It’s nice to be able to experience an organization or department first hand, but also integrating course work into it that relates directly to what you’re doing is really beneficial. It’s almost beneficial in a way that you don’t realize until you look back and realize how much you’ve learned.”

To learn more about the department’s internship program, check out this video: