Northern New England Philosophy Association Conference

The annual conference of the Northern New England Philosophical Association (NNEPA) will occur at Keene State College from October 14 to 15, 2016.

The Department of Communication and Philosophy is hosting this event thanks to funding from the Office of Sponsored Projects and Research, the Dean of the School of Arts and Humanities, the Center for Creative Inquiry, and a private donation.

Faculty from multiple disciplines and universities across the country will present their research at the NNEPA conference. Graduate students and undergraduates will also share their scholarship.

The conference will feature two panels of student presentations on Friday October 14th:

Session A: 10-11am Huntress 005

Chair: Allyson Mount (Keene State College)

Deliberative Democracy and Institutions of Higher Education

Sara Jane LaFleur (Keene State College)

Conceptualizations of Schizophrenia

Ambrose DeMarco (College of the Holy Cross)

The Missing Puzzle Piece of Multiculturalism: Education

Rachel Lally (Keene State College)

Session B: 11 am-12 pm Huntress 005

Chair: Nicholas Germana (Keene State College)

Impact of Implicit Metaphysical Commitments on The Theory of Moral Deference

Gabriella Hulsey (Wheaton College)

Outside Fichte’s Wissenschaftslehre

Margaret Del Giudice (University of New Hampshire)

Capitalist Hindrances to Moral Willing: Lessons from Kant and Marx

James Patin (Clark University)

In addition to student presentations, a highlight of the event is the distinguished keynote speaker, Laurence Thomas, who is a Professor of Philosophy and Political Science of the Maxwell School at Syracuse University. Dr. Thomas is an expert in social, political, and moral philosophy, and has published about case studies related to American slavery, the Holocaust, and sexual rights.

A full schedule for the conference is available here, and abstracts for the presentations can be found here.