Communication and Philosophy Department Welcome New Students!

ChitraNew students moved on-campus this week at Keene State College, and the Communication & Philosophy Department was there to greet them. Faculty members welcomed new students at an orientation session on Thursday. Students had a chance to learn about the variety of research and teaching specialties in the department. Also on display were the many opportunities for co-curricular activities – from debate team and Lambda Pi Eta to study abroad and internships!

Welcome new students!




Communication and Philosophy Living/Learning Community

Next week we will be welcoming to campus our first department Living/Learning Community.

Emily and Jamie
Dr. McGill-Rutherford and Dr. Landau

The Communication and Philosophy Living/Learning Community will be led by Dr. Jamie Landau, Associate Professor of Communication, and Dr. Emily McGill-Rutherford, Assistant Professor of Philosophy. All the students in the LLC will take Dr. Landau’s COMM 175: Introduction to Communication Studies course in the Fall and Dr. McGill-Rutherford’s PHIL 220: Ethics course in the Spring. In addition to the courses, the community will engage in a variety of activities outside the classroom.

Residential Life gives this description for the community:

“We all communicate, whether we talk with friends and family, deliver public speeches, engage in debate in class, or post pictures to social media. But why do we communicate? What are some theories and philosophies that guide why we think, speak, and see in the ways that we do? And how might we communicate more ethically? How should we resolve major ethical questions and moral dilemmas about abortion and euthanasia, for instance? In this LLC, students will develop skills in communication, critical thinking, and debate to learn and defend different worldviews in person and through media.”

The new Keene State College Living and Learning Commons is home to 11 LLCs this fall

First year students in the community will be living together in the newly constructed Keene State Living and Learning Commons.

Welcome to campus!