Faculty mentor for student’s summer research fellowship

SURF- Stewart Akkoor Summer 2016This summer, Dr. Chitra Akkoor will be busy mentoring Mary Kate Stewart as she conducts original research about communicating learning disabilities. In fact, Mary Kate is the winner of the college’s Bruce Levine Mellion ’69 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF)!

The number of college students across the country with all forms of disabilities is increasing. Since 2013, Mary Kate and Dr. Akkoor have interviewed 43 faculty and 16 students on campus about how professors accommodate and communicate about students with learning disabilities.

For the SURF, Mary Kate will continue to collect data by interviewing experts in the area of disabilities and staff in the Office of Disability Services at Keene State College. Mary Kate will also apply interpersonal and intercultural communication theories to analyze the interviews. Finally, she will design a professional development workshop for faculty about how to better work with students with learning disabilities, with plans to launch this workshop during the Fall 2016 semester.

Congratulations to Dr. Akkoor and Mary Kate Stewart!


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