Network with Boston Celtics communication professionals

Boston Celtics Speaker SeriesFor students who want to work in sports communication, sign up now for the Career in Sport Speaker Series run by the Boston Celtics!

The Boston Celtics contacted Keene State College to invite students majoring in communication or journalism to a unique event that involves watching the professional basketball team play a game and networking with top communication professionals who work for the team.

For instance, at the second evening session on Feb. 25, students have the opportunity to watch the Boston Celtics play against the New York Knicks and meet vice presidents and directors in digital media, corporate partnerships sales, and business development for the Boston Celtics. The deadline to register for Session 2 is Feb. 18, 2015.

Sign up by filing out the above form and e-mailing it to Marc Rogers at


Back to class

Typing on keyboardKeene State College students went back to class today. But sometimes it can be difficult to adjust to coursework after the long winter break.

Tips for planning a successful spring semester include introducing yourself to your professors, creating a detailed calendar of homework, staying ahead of assigned readings, reviewing class notes on a weekly basis, and beginning to search online for a summer internship or (if you’re a senior) a full-time job.