Bb-to-Canvas update

We’ve had a few questions asking about how to unpublish a Canvas course so we’ve created a handout which is pasted in the table below, and is in the “Getting to Know Canvas” course under “Canvas Tips”.

The other thing you should do is clean out your Canvas Inbox so when you return it’s not cluttered with conversations from previous semesters. Here is how to Archive Conversations.

Finally, “files” has been updated so you can now search for files by name, sort by date created, and publish/unpublish like other course items (assignments, quizzes, pages). Don’t forget you can drag-and-drop multiple files from your computer into Canvas files.

As a reminder Blackboard’s last day is 5/31. Steps for saving content, exporting the gradebook, and downloading student assignments is at the bottom of this page.

Options How Why
Unpublish the course

You can unpublish your course by clicking the unpublish button in the default Course Home Page sidebar. However, once your course contains a graded submission, you can no longer unpublish your course.

Unpublished and Publish buttons are on the default course home page. Unpublishing your course removes it from the students’ course menu. Course materials are no longer accessible.
Term End Date + participate check box + visibility check box

This serves as the unpublish option if there are graded submissions.

Go to settings on the course menu bar.

Under the course details tab enter a term end date.

Select the following 2 checkboxes:

“Users can only participate in the course between these dates” and “restrict students from viewing course after end date.”

Click “update course details”

The combination of these three actions will remove student access to the course.
*Term End Date

When a term end date is used, the course is placed in a read-only state. This means that the course is not available for submitting assignments, posting discussions, uploading files, grading, or any other action-based task within a course.

Students can still view all content.

Go to settings on the course menu bar.

Under the course details tab enter a term end date.


Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click “update course details”


Leaving course materials accessible allows students to refer back to important content. This is especially helpful as they can refer back to courses as they progress through their academic career.

See *Term End Date options below if you want to leave some material available but hide other material such as assessments.

*Term End Date options

You can leave your course open for students but you have options for hiding selected content such as quizzes, assignments and other assessments.


Go to settings on the course menu bar.

Click the navigation tab

Drag items such as quizzes to the bottom of the page to hide them from student view.

Click “save.”

Do Not do the following
Do not reset course content

Resetting the course deletes all course content and it is irreversible. Furthermore it changes the course Canvas ID# which impacts student enrollments.

Do not conclude course

A concluded course will no longer appear in the main course list in Canvas.  Instead, it will show up in previous enrollments for both instructors and students. Students will no longer have access to the course, and instructors will have access to the course as read only.

Blackboard – Saving course materials
Faculty who have content on Blackboard will have to download and save it before the end of May 2015. There are several ways in which to do this but here are the steps we recommend:  (Tip 2/09/2015)

Blackboard – Exporting your grade center
It’s good practice to back-up all Blackboard gradebooks in case a student decides to dispute a grade and it’s recommended that you keep this information for at least one year. This is more important than ever as no previous student data will be migrated into Canvas. After May 31st 2015 you will no longer have access to this information unless you save it.

Blackboard – Downloading student assignments
If you have a need to review student assignments after Blackboard is longer available (May, 2015) then the only way you will be able to do this is to save them outside of Bb. You can choose to download all or only selected submissions as a single .zip file. Each submission is saved as a separate file within the .zip file.

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