Bb-to-Canvas update

CELT shared the information below in an email to all OS and PAT staff on Wednesday, March 18th. The email attachments included steps for saving material for users with a student role and an instructor role and recommended materials are saved in a secure location such as the “P” drive.

Good morning all,

As a reminder, the College is moving away from Blackboard as our learning management system to Canvas. We’ve been working on the transition since last summer and it will be completed by May 31st 2015. That means that Blackboard will not be accessible to users after May 31st. As you may have been a Blackboard user in one or more roles (student, instructor and/or committee member) please check to make certain any materials you want to save are downloaded to a secure location such as your “P” drive (aka “My Documents”).

Please use the information attached to this email to save your Blackboard materials.

Blackboard Login:
Use your KSC NetID and password to login.