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Video Playing in Explain Everything
Video Playing in Explain Everything

A professor was presenting a paper in a distant international city. Her accompanying PowerPoint had some videos embedded.  She didn’t want to carry her laptop with her.  Would her IPad do the job?

There are many cloud-based ways to store and show a presentation, AuthorStream, SlideShare,  Google Drive for example, that would be accessible on your IPad.  You should definitely have one of those for a backup. But for true independence it would be best to have the complete presentation, videos and all, downloaded to your Ipad.  No internet needed.  Not even any electricity needed if you power up the IPad before the presentation.

eeEnter ExplainEverything, the little app that does big things. It’s a white board on which you can Import or draw pictures.  And it will import a PowerPoint presentation flawlessly. To top it off, you can insert a video file from your camera roll, DropBox or Google Drive and that too is saved to your IPad inside ExplainEverything.  Now you have everything in one place on your IPad. The presentation options are easy to use, including the ability to easily write on a slide.

You can rest easy knowing your presentation is in your hand.

PowerPoint Ate my Video!!!


Have you ever lost the video you embedded in your PowerPoint presentation when you emailed it to someone else? Here’s a quick explanation of what’s happening in your computer, and how you can make sure that you don’t end up feeling like PowerPoint destroyed part of your presentation.

Embed Youtube Video in Powerpoint

By far the easiest way to embed a You-tube video in a PowerPoint presentation is to use the ISpring Free converter.

It’s free and easy to use.

Download the converter athttp://www.ispringfree.com/download.html.

ISpring Free adds a tab to your PowerPoint menus.

When you want to add a video, click on the ISpring Free menu tab.

Then click the YouTube  icon.

Paste the Youtube URL in the Video link field.

Note that in you author’s view of PowerPoint the slide will look like this:

However, when you play the Powerpoint, it will look like this: