ATI ’16 Keynotes

Nicole Allen (SPARC) – 2016 USNH Academic Technology Institute
OER and Solving the Textbook Cost Crisis – The cost of college textbooks has grown to a point that virtually every campus is now seeking solutions. While many institutions have successfully reduced costs for students through stop-gap measures such as rental programs, lending libraries and licensing deals, the greatest potential for permanently solving the problem lies in Open Educational Resources (OER). Institutions of all kinds have begun to leverage OER to reduce costs for students, expand access to information, and enable faculty to better tailor materials to their courses (6/1/2016 at Keene State College).

Gardner Campbell – 2016 USNH Academic Technology Institute
Instigating A Connected Curriculum – The word curriculum implies connection. Too often, however, students experience curriculum as merely a list of required courses. University structures and procedures, from registration to advising, from general education to majors, too often reinforce this sad experience.  Truly integrative learning can still happen, but more in spite of these structures and procedures than because of them (6/2/2016 at Keene State College).

Robin DeRosa (Plymouth State University) – 2016 USNH Academic Technology Institute 
Open Education: A Vision for Public Universities – What is “Open Education” and how can it serve to strengthen the mission of a public university system such as USNH? In this presentation, Robin will offer a definition of “Open Education” as it connects to Open Educational Resources (OER), Open Pedagogy, and Open Access to research, and she will explore how the vision of “open” can empower learners and contribute to a healthy and sustainable knowledge commons (5/31/2016 at Keene State College).