Embed A Video in Any Web Page

Most organizations and individuals that produce video appreciate the widest audience for their work. Therefore they often include some code that enables you to embed their video in another web page.
Following are directions that will work with any web page. For more specific directions for embedding videos in Blackboard see


Get that Embed Code

Many videos can be embedded in another web page, for example those on news website. The trick is to find the Embed Code for the video. It is generally near the video in small print. First find the Embed code icon and copy the data given, usually by clicking in the field and pressing Control/C. Here is an example from the Economist videos and from the New York Times.

Copy this data by either pressing Control/C or by right clicking your mouse and choosing Copy. Now it’s on your computer’s clipboard, ready to paste into your web page.

Paste it into the web page

Navigate to your web page. Make sure you are in HTML mode. HTML mode is not usually the default mode. This may mean clicking an icon labeled HTML on the screen or a tab labeled HTML.  Examples:

When you are in HTML mode, paste the embed code that you copied by pressing Control/V.   Save your page.  Your video displays with picture and controls on the page.  The video file is not stored in your page, but only linked to it.