2013 Academic Technology Institute

ati12-dws-lhTen KSC faculty have the opportunity to attend the USNH Academic Technology Institute this summer, May 28-31 (Tuesday, Noon – Friday, Noon) hosted by Plymouth State University. If you are interested in attending, please apply here: http://bit.ly/WB0Vsm. The deadline is Friday, March 22nd.

The theme for this year’s event is “Teaching and Learning in a ‘Connected’ Environment:  Engaging and Enriching with Technology.”

Participants will utilize a cohort model where faculty from related fields and from different campuses share educational strategies; as well as share in the learning and practicing of rich media techniques (video/image creation and editing, audio podcasting, etc.), using Open Educational Resources, and enriching pedagogical strategies.

Participants will leave with a renewed inspiration to address their courses with the insights gleaned from Institute sessions, including topics such as technology as the teacher’s tool (not the teacher’s taskmaster), assignment design, (rich media) assessment strategies, and related technological issues pertinent to professors in the 21st Century.  All KSC participants will be given funds for a laptop of their choice.

This year’s speakers are free culture advocate Jessamyn West (http://www.librarian.net/); self described EduPunk and ds106 MOOC originator, Jim Groom (http://jimgroom.net/about/); and researcher, futurist, and author of The New Digital Storytelling, Bryan Alexander (http://www.nitle.org/about/bios/alexander.php)


KSC 2012 participants were: Elizabeth Dolinger, Lisa Hix, Darrell Hucks, Craig Lindsay, Ted Mann, Niall Moran, Tanya Sturtz, Craig Sylvern, Debra White-Stanley, and Susan Whittemore.

KSC 2011 participants were: Leigh Corrette, Jen Ditkoff, Bill Fleeger, Dick Jardine, Kathy Johnson, John Lund, Allyson Mount, Celine Perron, Nancy Ritchie, Barbara Ware.

Jenny Darrow (jdarrow@keene.edu) and Jeff Timmer (jtimmer@keene.edu) serve on the USNH ATSC and can answer any question you may have.

ATI is funded by the USNH Long Range Technology Plan.

Canvas Pilot

Keene State College is piloting the Instructure Canvas learning management system this spring with faculty from the Academic Technology Steering Committee (ATSC) and volunteers from Integrative Quantitative Literacy (IQL). The 11 faculty and their 365 students are using Canvas in place of Blackboard and are trying out the suite of tools including Speed Grader, attendance taker, integrated calendaring, and the communication options.

Why pilot an LMS now? Blackboard has been the learning management system at KSC for close to a decade and during that time the LMS industry has evolved dramatically. Given the changes in the educational technology industry and the contract with Blackboard expiring soon, the timing is right to test out a different learning management system.

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One-on-one with Tim Berners-Lee

Okay, so it’s not really one-on-one but YOU do have an opportunity to get involved and ask questions to experts such as Tim Berners-Lee about net neutrality, democracy and the role of the web. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) is hosting a June 11th ‘08 interactive debate on the future of the web in which YOU submit question(s) which are then ranked by the web community a la DIGG. The best questions are selected and pitched to the panelist of experts including Berners-Lee and Nova Spivack among others.

Some interesting questions have already been submitted and ranked including: “Is net neutrality essential for democracy?” and “How do we create a truly Semantic Web?”.

For details about the event and how to submit and rank questions, go to:http://tw.rpi.edu/launch/.