Taking Attendance

attendance_registerTaking attendance in a class is a plebian but necessary task that may be eating into the time you want to spend on other classroom activities.  Aside from any attendance rules the individual professor may have, and the fact that missed classes is an early warning sign for student problems, Keene State has an attendance policy that states:

A student who misses in excess of three weeks of classes prior to the eleventh week of the semester (for any reason whatsoever) must withdraw from the course. Continue reading “Taking Attendance”

Using EverNote

Instructional Technologist Judy Brophy found a great post about how one academic is using Evernote for serious writing, and I thought that our group might be interested in his process.

A Method for Using Evernote for Serious Writing

This method of approaching writing with Evernote takes advantage of the application’s structured organizational system. While this might seem restrictive, it’s also a tremendously powerful mechanism for dividing up a larger project. Here’s one method for organizing your thoughts as during the writing process: Continue reading “Using EverNote”