KSC to host USNH Academic Technology Institute 2012

Keene State College is pleased to announce that it will be hosting the 2nd annual Academic Technology Institute (ATI) June 25– 28, 2012. This immersive, hands-on experience brings together faculty from Plymouth State University, Granite State College, University of New Hampshire, and Keene State College to learn how to create instructionally sound assignments using *rich media. Faculty who are selected to participate will learn about assignment design, rich media assessment strategies as well as video editing, podcasting (audio), images, and Open Educational Resources (OER).

Participating in ATI ’12 is a unique opportunity to meet and network with colleagues from all four institutions. In fact one of the key experiences is designed around the cohort model where faculty work together on creating an assignment and strategies for assessment that’s centered on the use of rich media. Using the principles of OER, all of the assignments created at the institute will be available for participants to take with them, modify and use with their students.

While this is a working institute, it’s a lot of fun and you will learn a ton of applicable things. So what do some of the 2011 ATI participants have to say about their experience? Glad you asked!

“Working with technology…it pushes me – which is what I love – to think differently, to try new things…” Celine Perron (KSC)

“I kept finding moments of inspiration, little light bulb moments, all throughout the institute” Hridaya Hall (PSU)

“What a terrific opportunity to talk with peers across institutions” Terry Dautcher (PSU)

If your interest is piqued but you would like more information before you submit your ATI ’12 application you can contact Jenny Darrow (jdarrow@keene.edu) or ask one of your colleagues who participated in last years institute:

Application form: http://goo.gl/frB5Y 

ATI 2011 participants from Keene State College were:

Leigh Corrette – Sociology

Jen Ditkoff – Mason Library

Bill Fleeger – Environmental Studies

Dick Jardine – Math

Kathy Johnson – Management

John Lund – History

Allison Mount – Philosophy

Celine Perron – Theatre and Dance

Nancy Ritchie – IQL

Barbara Ware – Modern Languages

ATI is funded by the USNH Long Range Technology Plan. All participants will be given professional development funds for use in the development of their rich-media project.

*rich media refers to digital objects like audio, video, animation, and other types of interactive multimedia.