Mason Library adopts Open Access Policy

Mason Library at Keene State College is committed to providing access to high quality and economically viable scholarly communication through Open Access (OA) resources that meet collection guidelines and curricular needs. Mason Library adds to its collection of online resources carefully vetted OA resources that contribute to the scholarly discourse of the KSC community, and supports OA archiving and publishing for faculty, students, and staff through the KSCommons digital repository (see the KSCommons Collection Development Policy).

Specific policies for OA access:

  • Any previously subscribed to publication that becomes open access will continue to be listed among the library’s journal subscription with an updated access link.
  • Appropriate OA databases and journals will be reviewed by the Collection Development Librarian and listed among the library’s databases on the A-Z Database guide or in the Journal listing. Specifically, factors such as peer review, affiliation, user interface, and support of KSC curriculum will be reviewed.
    The Collection Development Librarian welcomes recommendations about OA resources, which can be sent to

The Open Access Policy can be found on the Mason Library Policies page.