Hiring Outstanding Student Technology Fellow

Student Technology Fellows:

The Mason Library Academic Technology hires students as Technology Fellows to assist peers with class assigned digital projects. The Student Technology Fellows (STF) are carefully selected to participate in the program where continuous learning and skill development are expected.  Once hired, fellows will complete a training regimen that includes Canvas and other common web-based tools such as basic audio/video editing (such as Movie Maker, iMovie, Audacity, SoundCloud), WordPress and other blogging and social media platforms. Student Technology Fellows are expected to work one-on-one with other students, lead classroom demonstrations/presentations, and assist with updating help documentation. Following every session, STF are expected to submit a written summary to the Director of Academic Technology who will then share the summary with the professor.

During employment, Student Technology Fellows develop a high level of technical fluency, communication and interpersonal skills, and presentation skills.

As a Student Technology Fellow you are expected to:

  • Lead sessions (one-on-one and face-to-face) with students that support faculty initiated digital projects;
  • Meet with students interested in learning more about particular technologies in which STF are trained;
  • Visit classes to conduct orientation sessions for particular technologies or projects;
  • Complete a session summary for every session (one-on-one, face-to-face, demonstrations/presentations to be submitted to the AT director and the faculty member (if appropriate);
  • Update/develop online training materials;

Student Technology Fellow do this by completing assigned training modules and by:

  • Developing knowledge of web technologies and tools used to support teaching and learning;
  • Improving presentation/demonstration skills;
  • Staying current with new features and developments in technologies for which you’re trained;

As a fellow, you will regularly work with students who are completing graded assignments and projects. Your job will be to provide them with basic, general instructions when necessary, and to guide them in the process of answering more complex questions. You should not complete their work for them or take control or responsibility for the final product.

Qualifications to become a Student Technology Fellow:

  • Full time, work study eligible student;
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills;
  • The ability to communicate clearly and patiently about complex technical issues;
  • Insatiable curiosity about learning new technologies and skills;
  • A strong work ethic.

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