Video Conferencing Gets a Face Lift

We will be updating the Canvas *video conferencing tool to the sleek, easy to use interface (please see the note at the bottom of this post). One of the biggest advantages to faculty and students is the new interface no longer requires the Java “launcher” download and installation. Instead, it will work directly in any web browser, though Google Chrome is recommended.

To see the full list of changes, click on the image below.

Image. Blackboard Collaborate Classic v Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
Image from the University of Northern Idaho. More information can be found here

Video conferencing is directly integrated into every Canvas course making access to a set of synchronous tools simple to setup. Faculty at Keene State have used video conferencing in a variety of ways including inviting guest experts to class, using it to support students in a blended or online course, office hours, and even using it during unexpected interruptions such as illness or poor weather.

Here is a 2-minute 40-second overview but if you’d like to work with us to learn more about video conference best practices or would like some assistance getting set up, let us know!

Getting started guide

Using the tools

*Note – the name of the tool is Blackboard Collaborate, not to be confused with the Blackboard learning management system. In Canvas it is labeled as “video conferencing”. Do not be surprised to see help documentation referred to as Blackboard Collaborate (old interface) or Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (new interface).