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Below are Keene State College Educator Preparation Programs (EPP) unit-wide data.  If you would like to view additional EPP data, please view our Educator Preparation Reporting Measures and Performance Data website.

Initial Programs

Decision Points for Undergraduate Initial Licensure Programs determine academic eligibility for Admission to Educator Preparation, enrollment in clinical field placements and recommendation for endorsement for NH licensure. One of the criteria that is evaluated at each Decision Point is GPA. The graph below shows the average GPA at each Decision Point for AY 17-18, AY 18-19, AY 19-20, and AY 20-21.

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  • Admission to Keene State College
  • Decision Point 1: Eligibility Check for Admission to Educator Preparation Completed Prior to Methods/Practicum 1
  • Decision Point 2: Eligibility Check Completed Prior to Methods II or 2nd Practicum
  • Decision Point 3: Eligibility Check Completed Prior to Student Teaching
  • Decision Point 4: Eligibility Check Completed to Verify Educator Preparation Program Completion and Recommendation for Endorsement for NH Certification

PRAXIS Core Disaggregated Data

One of the requirements for admission into our Educator Preparation Programs is passing Praxis Core (Academic Skills for Educators) scores for Reading, Writing, and Math. The graph below shows the average pass score for all our educator preparation students at the time of admission for AY 17-18 and AY 18-19 and compares it with the National Average for AY19-20.

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PRAXIS Subject Tests

One of the criteria students in our educator preparation programs need to meet to be recommended for NH licensure is passing the Praxis Subject Tests for their licensure area. The graph below shows the average test scores per subject area for the 17-18, 18-19, and 19-20 academic years with the AY19-20 National Average for the Praxis Subject test if available.

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Chart by Visualizer

Pearson Foundations of Reading

Another requirement for both our Elementary Education and Early Childhood Birth to grade 3 programs for students need to meet to be recommended for NH licensure is passing the Pearson Foundations of Reading test.  The graph below shows the average scores for both programs for AY 17-18, AY 18-19, AY 19-20.

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Field of Study

The graph below shows a break-down of the field of study for AT 17-18 and AY 18-19 for our educator preparation students.

  • Arts/Humanities includes Secondary Education for both Social Studies and English as well as Music Education
  • Physical Education includes only our PE program
  • STEM includes both our Secondary Science (all options) and Secondary Math Education that covers both middle and high school
  • Early Childhood includes both options: Birth to 5years old and Birth to 3rd Grade
  • Elementary Education includes only that program.
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Advanced Programs

State testing is not required for advanced level programs. Programs use portfolio demonstration of competencies for content knowledge and internship evaluations for the skills assessments.

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