Service Learning and Internships – For Faculty

How to use these pages

These pages were developed to support faculty in setting up experiential learning placements for students. Depending on your discipline, these may be internships, field-work, or practica. Service-learning are built around projects that benefit partnerships sites and may also include working directly at placement sites.

What do you want to do?

For-credit placements

  • Contact Karen Balnis for assistance with:
    • Setting up or sponsoring an internship for an individual student
    • Managing an internship or practicum course with multiple placement sites
    • Identifying community partners or interested businesses
    • Developing or managing a service-learning course
  • Download placement paperwork

Risk Management

Keene State uses a standard Affiliation Agreement with most of its non-clinical placements.  This agreement outlines the liability and accident coverage for students and faculty. Students must all sign a liability waiver to participate in experiential learning placements. We all know there is no guarantee to prevent accidents or lawsuits.  Discussion with students related to potential risks and careful planning can promote a positive experience for all involved. The guide below includes some suggestions.

riskmanagementimageContact Karen Balnis for a PPT version of this presentation.

How many hours per credit?

There isn’t currently a college standard on internship hours per credit.  These will vary based on department and the requirements of the placement. The range for most departments is 35-60 hours per credit. This is consistent with a review of other colleges.

More resources on the way.  Check back soon.

Non-credited placements

In general, not-for-credit placements do not require faculty sponsors. They are a working agreement between the student and the employer or organization. Non-credited placements should be paid or clearly designated as volunteer service.  A 2015 Supreme Court ruling suggested criteria for for-profit employers.  They leave much to interpretation but the emphasis is that unless the internship is tied to an educational program, it should be paid.

  • Faculty and students can search for internships on KSC JobWISE. Faculty needing a login can contact Heath Bailey in Academic and Career Advising. (Some postings on JobWISE may be used for credit with faculty support.)
  • See our Corporate Relations program to learn about ways that Keene State partners with business to provide internships and build student skills for future success.

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