Apply for a Service-learning Mini-grant

Mini-grants for Service-learning are available to faculty, with support from a gift fund. The purpose of these course development grants is to expand the number of courses offered that incorporate service-learning with not-for-profit organizations.  Mini-grants will decrease the barrier of some project costs.

Service Learning is a high impact teaching method that promotes student learning through active participation in thoughtfully organized public service experiences

  • that meet community needs,
  • that are integrated into academic curriculum,
  • that enhance achievement of course learning objectives, and
  • that provide structured time for reflection.

Through reflective activities, students enhance their understanding of course content, develop a sense of self-awareness and civic responsibility.

Mini-grants for service-learning course development will be awarded to support:

  1. Development of a new service learning course or an existing course with new service learning assignments.
  2. Expansion of an ongoing service learning initiative.
  3. Expenses related to effective implementation of service-learning initiatives with not-for-profit organizations

Allowable Use of Funds: Mini-grant funds are used to support service learning course development. Funding may enable the purchase and preparation of course materials and other resources associated with service-learning course development, and the actual carrying out of the course related projet.  Some examples of what this may include:

  • $200 faculty stipend for course development (new courses only)
  • Supplies for the service learning project
  • Small honoraria for guest speakers
  • Group travel expenses – local travel such as van rentals for class trip to resource or partner site
  • Expenses related to a showcase of course projects and/or public education event related to the service project

Size of Award:  Up to $500. The number of grants awarded during a semester will be determined by the Service-learning Mini-grant Committee. Additional funds may be requested and approved for a paid Student Service-learning Assistant, pending availability and approval of the committee.

Funding Period/Grant Cycle:   Please submit your application online at least 3 weeks before the start of the semester. Earlier submissions are encouraged and will be given priority.  Depending on requested amounts, 5-8 grants will be awarded each semester.

Proposal Review Process: A committee of Keene State College faculty, community partners, staff and/or students will review the applications and select those to be funded based on the information provided.

Mini-grant Deliverables:  Courses must be designated as Service-learning (SL) in the course catalog.  All other KSC policies and procedures must be followed such as research approval or travel policies.

  • Complete a final report and evaluation. Description of information to include will be provided.
  • Participate in round table discussions with other faculty engaged in service. The goal is to build community among service-learning faculty, create future collaborative projects, and share resources and experience around service learning.

Submit application online.  FYI, the form will ask for the following:

  • Faculty name and department
  • Campus address, email, and phone number
  • Course number/name
  • Project title
  • Community partner (must be not-for-profit)
  • Expected number of students in the course
  • Amount of funds requested with completed mini-grant budget form and narrative.
  • Brief narratives to address the following:
    • List learning outcomes related to the service-learning component of the course.
    • Describe the service-learning project or link to the syllabus description.
    • An estimate of the average number of hours students will spend working on their community project, in and out of class.
    • Describe reflection assignments to integrate course concepts with community-based practice.
    • The intended impact on the student, the community, the organization, or the people being served? How will you assess this impact?

Faculty support and enrichment:

Instructional design consultations are available through Chris Odata in Faculty Enrichment.  Karen Balnis can assist in making connections with community organizations and developing service-learning projects.  Faculty interested in working with Student Service-learning Assistants should contact Jessica Gagne Cloutier .  A Service-learning Faculty Learning Community roundtable will be held at least once a semester for support and discussion.

If you have any questions about this process, or about the proposal itself, please contact Jessica Gagne Cloutier, Coordinator of Community Services, 603-358-2665.