How to get credit for your internship

Academic internships (for credit) require prior faculty approval and must be reported through JobWISE

  1. Instructions on reporting through JobWISE are below but first…
  2. Make sure the internship site and supervisor are willing to work with KSC on granting credit for the internship – they will need to sign an Affiliation Agreement The internship coordinator will work with the site on this agreement.
  3. If you do not already have a faculty member sponsoring your internship, find out from your department or the KSC internship coordinator if there is someone in your major who works with internships.
  4. Work with your faculty sponsor to complete the Internship-Worksheet
  • Determine how many hours and credits you can reasonable fit into your schedule. Internships are a minimum of 35 hours per credit but vary by department.
  • Discuss internship objectives and evaluation plans.
  • Request a job description from your supervisor or from the JobWISE posting. It should include at least your start and end date, your site supervisor’s name and contact information, and other information required on the Internship Worksheet.


When you have collected all the information on the Worksheet and have verbal approval from your internship faculty and site supervisor, you are ready to Register / Report your Internship on JobWISE.  (These instructions are printed on page two of your Internship Worksheet.)

  1. In MyKSC under Campus Bookmarks –> Student Employment, select the link to Register/Report an internship in Jobwise. You will need to enter your KSC netID and password.
  2. Once in JobWISE, look in the left column under “I want to…” and select the “Register/Report an Internship”.
  3. In the Select an Internship Term box, enter the semester for your internship; then select the “OTHER” tab.
  4. Fill in the company or organization name and your job title. If you do not know your title, enter your major and “intern”.  (example: Management Intern).
  5. Be sure to follow the instructions and read the linked KSC Liability Release and Student Transportation Policy forms (online or as page 3 and 4 of the Internship Worksheet). Sign and send the Liability forms to Karen Balnis according to the directions on the worksheet. (You do not have to turn in the rest of the Worksheet.)
  6. Complete the form. At the end you must initial to indicate you read and understand the Student Statement of Understanding. After initialing, select the SAVE button to submit the online form.  A confirmation of the form will appear for your review. You can always access this information through JobWISE under View My Activity, or you may print this for your records.  If you need to make a change after submitting, please email with the correct information.
  7. JobWISE will email your internship report to your faculty sponsor and site supervisor for signatures. For those not already enrolled in internship/practicum courses, we will send the approved report to the registrar to register your internship credits.
  8. Once your internship is approved by faculty and site supervisor, you may start work at the internships site.
  9. As with all schedule adjustments, students registering for internships after September 1 will be billed a late fee of $10.
  10. Be sure to meet the academic requirements set out by the faculty sponsor for the internship or you will not receive credit. Some internships are pass/fail, others receive a letter grade.

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