Forms for Employers and Community Partners

Internship Approval

Site supervisors will receive an email with a copy of the internship information as submitted by the student. Please respond to this as soon as possible to allow us to approve the internship registration. If there are inaccuracies in the description, there is an option to “not approve” with a reason. You will be contacted to address the reason.

Affiliation Agreements

Placement sites complete Affiliation Agreements with the college.

To minimize duplication of efforts, when possible the following agreements will  be used for placing students from any department. Some programs have required discipline specific forms which take the place of these agreements.

KSC Standard Affiliation Agreement – electronic version, sign, print, scan and email or fax

KSC Standard Affiliation Agreement – PDF to print and complete

Department of Labor Forms

Sites in NH that offer unpaid internships need to be pre-approved by the NH DOL. We will submit this form for you, please send this information to

Current list of pre-approved work sites.

If you prefer to complete the DOL prescreening form yourself, this copy of the form is prefilled with KSC’s information.

We will submit the DOL form. It is linked here for your information.

Please contact Karen Balnis, if you have any questions about Department of Labor and internships.