Curriculum Committee

The Curriculum Committee:

Shall consist of eight senators, including (when possible) a minimum of two tenured faculty, and the library, and a student. The SCC faculty members should serve a minimum of two consecutive years. The Registrar, or designee, and a member of the ISPC shall serve as ex-officio members. The Chair for the following academic year should be elected by the SCC before the end of February. The SCC oversees the College’s undergraduate and graduate curriculum.

The SCC is responsible for reviewing all curriculum proposals (new programs, program changes, and course proposals), including Integrative Studies Program proposals.

Any proposal that the SCC votes on but does not approve can be brought forward for consideration by the Senate.  For the Senate to consider a proposal that was not approved by the SCC, one senator must move to do so, that motion must be seconded, followed by discussion. A majority of the Senators present must vote in the affirmative for the Senate to consider the proposal. If the motion to consider passes, the proposal will be moved to the Senate floor, and then must be seconded for discussion and vote.

If a curriculum package includes academic standards (such as, but not limited to admissions, entrance, continuation, exit stipulations, or programmatic requirements) these policies shall be forwarded to the Academic Standards Committee (ASC). Chairs of the ASC and SCC shall confer regarding the progress of the proposal through the review process.

To ensure clarity of operations and consistent treatment of all curriculum proposals, the SCC develops procedures, guidelines, forms and timetables that are then presented to the Senate as information. If a Senator wishes for the Senate to discuss and/or amend a document created by the SCC (e.g., curriculum guidelines), a motion and second are required for discussion. It would require a majority vote by the Senate to bring the proposal to the floor for a vote.

Please note that the minutes for this committee are within the Full Senate minutes.

Curriculum Guidelines and Forms can be found on the Senate SharePoint Site:

Chair: Nick Germana,


  • Margaret Smith, ’25 (Senator, FTF)
  • Elizabeth Dolinger, ‘23 (Senator, Library)
  • Dana Smith, ’24 (Senator, FTF)
  • James Stemp, ’24 (Senator, FTF)
  • Jesse Marcum ’25 (Senator, FTF)
  • Jared Nelson, ’25 (Senator, FTF)
  • Mikhail Ozols (Senator, Student)
  • Sarah Shuff (Registrar, ex-officio)

ISP Committee Chair: Denise Junge,
ITW Coordinator: Celia Rabinowitz,
QL Coordinator: Mike Cullinane,

1-800-KSC-1909 · 229 Main St. Keene, New Hampshire 03435