Teaching Innovation Studios

Next Teaching Innovation Studio:
September 30, 1-2pm
Self- and Peer Assessment

The teaching innovation group invites you to join us again this fall for our Teaching Innovation Studios.

We meet regularly to form a community of practice to support each other in learning about and applying new and innovative practices in our teaching. At each Studio we discuss a selected topics related to college teaching. In these Studios, all participants share their own experiences, including strategies they have tried in the past or are interested in trying, brainstorm, and ask questions, with the hope that everyone can leave with new ideas and recommendations to apply in their courses.

The Group for Teaching Innovation is a group of early career faculty interested in forming a community of practice with faculty colleagues to support each other in learning about and applying innovative practices in our teaching.

We would like to invite our faculty colleagues to join us for these conversations. We are particularly interested in finding additional people who are interested in joining our group on a regular basis, but all are also welcome to drop in for individual discussions.

If you have questions please feel free to contact one of us for more information:

  • Marin Sullivan, Assistant Professor of Art History, Art Department (marin.sullivan@keene.edu)
  • Irene McGarrity, Assistant Professor/Academic Librarian, Mason Library (imcgarrity@keene.edu)
  • Sarah McGregor, Assistant Professor, Physics Department (sarah.mcgregor@keene.edu)
  • Dudley Blossom, Assistant Professor, Management Department (dudley.blossom@keene.edu)
  • Chris Odato, Instructional Consultant, Faculty Enrichment (christopher.odato@keene.edu)


We meet on the last Friday of the month; this fall we will be meeting on the following dates:

  • Friday, September 30 1-2pm (Topic: self- and peer assessment)
  • Friday, October 28 1-2pm (Topic: New approaches to exams and final assessments)

If possible, we would appreciate it if you could email to let us know you’ll be coming, but no sign-up or prior notification is needed.

Next Session

[Descriptions and resources from the discussions at past Teaching Innovation Studios]

Friday, September 30, 1-2pm (Huntress 012)
Self- and Peer Assessment
In this studio we will be discussing strategies for increasing student ownership of learning and assessment by moving away from the instructor being the sole source of feedback (and grades) and incorporating student self- and peer assessment. Topics will include implementation strategies, including ways to incorporate self- or peer assessment into existing assignments and using rubrics to guide assessment, different approaches (peer review, reflective journals, critiques, etc.), and the value and benefits of employing self- and peer assessment.
Plan to share strategies (successful or unsuccessful) that you have tried in the past, and you are encouraged to bring any rubrics or other materials that you have used to share with the group.
These resources provide overviews that may be useful in preparing for our discussion: Peer Assessment, Self-Assessment (both from Cornell University Center for Teaching Excellence).