Communication and Philosophy Department Welcome New Students!

ChitraNew students moved on-campus this week at Keene State College, and the Communication & Philosophy Department was there to greet them. Faculty members welcomed new students at an orientation session on Thursday. Students had a chance to learn about the variety of research and teaching specialties in the department. Also on display were the many opportunities for co-curricular activities – from debate team and Lambda Pi Eta to study abroad and internships!

Welcome new students!




What classes to take next semester?

advising day flyer_fall 2015Registration for the Spring 2016 semester begins soon.

To help students decide what classes to enroll in, the Department of Communication and Philosophy scheduled an evening advising event. Faculty recommend that current Communication majors and intended majors attend:

  • Monday, Oct. 12, 6 to 7:30 p.m., Mountain View Room in the Student Center

Specifically, seniors who want to take “COMM 479: Senior Project” in the spring need to attend this advising event so that they can learn about the themes of the different sections of the course that will be offered and receive permission to enroll from faculty. Students who want to enroll in the new “COMM 379: Internship” course also need to come to this advising event to learn about how that class will now be run.  Finally, a panel of students will also give advice about what they benefited from studying away and other curricular experiences.

For more information, contact the department chair: Dr. Nigel Malcolm.




Welcome to Keene State!

Comm Persuasion courseToday, first-year and transfer students at Keene State College moved into the residence halls. The Fall 2015 semester officially starts next Monday, Aug. 31.

Check out the college’s online photo gallery from Move-In Day 2015.

Communication majors and faculty in the Department of Communication and Philosophy welcome new students to campus!


Ice cream and advising

Ice Cream AdvisingIt’s that time again for students to seek advising for course registration, which officially opens on Monday, Oct. 20, 2014

In preparation for picking their Spring 2015 semester classes, communication students are encouraged to attend an advising meeting (and ice cream social!) on Wednesday, Oct. 15, from 6 to 7 p.m. in the Mountain View Room of the Student Center.

While enjoying free ice cream, Lambda Pi Eta students will share their advice about progressing through the communication major. In addition, faculty teaching COMM 479: Senior Project in the spring will discuss the themes of their sections of the course so students can sign up for the one that best fits their educational and career goals. Finally, the department chair will share news about work-study opportunities that he arranged with the college and local businesses especially for communication students.

Students who want to declare the major in communication are also invited to this event.








Kickball game for students and faculty

LPH Kickball, Sept14Are you looking for something fun to do in between homework assignments? Do you want to get to know other students in the Department of Communication and Philosophy? Faculty are smart, but have you ever wondered if they are athletic, too?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, come play a kickball game that will run from 5 to 7 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 14 at the Joyce Athletic Field, which is located behind the Redfern Arts Center and Pondside I. Players will receive free pizza for dinner.

This kickball game is sponsored by Lambda Pi Eta.

Take notes in class… by hand

Student takes notesDuring the first week of the semester, students often ask professors if they can bring their laptop computers to class to take notes.

Some professors have policies that prohibit the use of any digital communication technologies in class, while other professors let students decide what is best for their learning.

Research now shows that students who take notes by hand, rather than by typing on a computer, learn better. This is because students who use laptop computers for note-taking tend to type verbatim what the professor says and then do not process the information themselves, what some researchers call “shallower” learning.

For more information, check out this recent article published in the Washington Post.




New college students, new life experiences

Student funNew students arrived on campus this week for orientation while returning students embarked on another exciting year at Keene State College.

Being a new college student, or beginning a new academic year in college, means new life experiences are about to happen! But these life experiences will not only occur in the classroom, and students need to actively seek some of them.

From getting to know faculty during their office hours to attending campus-sponsored events to studying abroad, check out one professor’s unconventional list of 10 Things to Do in College.





Peer mentors in communication

Navigating college can be hard if students do not have someone to look up to for guidance. That’s why communication majors mentor each other.

Student members of Lambda Pi Eta and the faculty advisor, Dr. Chitra Akkoor
Students in Lambda Pi Eta and their faculty advisor

Starting this Spring 2014 semester, senior and juniors in the honor society for communication majors, Lambda Pi Eta, are working with career advisers to give workshops and presentations to first and second-year students in communication. In one sense then, the upper class communication students are mentors to younger students who often struggle with the transition to college and are unsure about the major or career they want to pursue.

“I think that by being able to have seniors as people who they look up to, would give them more guidance. There are so many freshman that don’t have that guidance and they are all over the place, and I think a lot of them have a hard time balancing academic and social life,” said Justin Yamet, a senior communication major and member of Lambda Pi Eta.

For more information, check out this week’s Equinox article titled, “Honors society works with ACA to enhance communication dept.”

Communication, costumes, and “close-knit” community

Last weekend, the first ever “Costume Karaoke” co-sponsored by Lambda Pi Eta, the honor society for communication students, was filled with song and dance and social networking!

Photo credit: Sam Lewis
Photo credit: Sam Lewis / Equinox Staff

Check out the Equinox‘s coverage of the event here, which includes more fun photos.

Students and faculty are also interviewed in the article about how the communication major at Keene State College is a “close-knit” community and inviting of new students such as freshmen.



Preparing for first day of class

Communication students in a class taught by Chitra Akkoor
Keene State College communication students prepare to work in a Senior Project class taught by Dr. Chitra Akkoor

The first day of the Fall 2013 semester of Keene State College is only two days away!

Communication students should prepare for the first day of class in some similar ways as they would prepare for the first day of a new job, such as by arriving early and being ready to work.

Check out USA Today‘s “7 things to know before your first college class.”