How to get an internship

Bob Baker talks to students about enhance their education and ability to gain employment

Bob Baker talks to students about how internships enhance their education and ability to gain employment

It is never too early for students to learn how to get an internship.

Typically, students in the Department of Communication and Philosophy enroll in internships during a semester of their junior or senior year in college, or the summer between their junior and senior year. However, a lot of planning and paperwork must be completed before that point.

To find out how to get an internship and why students benefit from internships, attend the upcoming internship workshop:

  • Thursday, Sept. 18, 6 to 7 p.m., Media Arts Center #158

Please RSVP for this workshop by e-mailing Bob Baker, the internship course coordinator.


Kickball game for students and faculty

LPH Kickball, Sept14Are you looking for something fun to do in between homework assignments? Do you want to get to know other students in the Department of Communication and Philosophy? Faculty are smart, but have you ever wondered if they are athletic, too?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above questions, come play a kickball game that will run from 5 to 7 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 14 at the Joyce Athletic Field, which is located behind the Redfern Arts Center and Pondside I. Players will receive free pizza for dinner.

This kickball game is sponsored by Lambda Pi Eta.

Take notes in class… by hand

Student takes notesDuring the first week of the semester, students often ask professors if they can bring their laptop computers to class to take notes.

Some professors have policies that prohibit the use of any digital communication technologies in class, while other professors let students decide what is best for their learning.

Research now shows that students who take notes by hand, rather than by typing on a computer, learn better. This is because students who use laptop computers for note-taking tend to type verbatim what the professor says and then do not process the information themselves, what some researchers call “shallower” learning.

For more information, check out this recent article published in the Washington Post.




New college students, new life experiences

Student funNew students arrived on campus this week for orientation while returning students embarked on another exciting year at Keene State College.

Being a new college student, or beginning a new academic year in college, means new life experiences are about to happen! But these life experiences will not only occur in the classroom, and students need to actively seek some of them.

From getting to know faculty during their office hours to attending campus-sponsored events to studying abroad, check out one professor’s unconventional list of 10 Things to Do in College.





Congrats to graduating seniors!

Communication major Moriah Ferguson '14 waves to family and friends at graduation

Communication major Moriah Ferguson ’14 waves to family and friends during the commencement ceremony

Keene State College commencement for the Class of 2014 took place yesterday, Saturday, May 10 outside on the Fiske Quad.

Faculty in the Department of Communication and Philosophy clapped for graduates as they walked across the stage to shake hands with President Anne Huot, received their diplomas, and later threw their caps into the air.

For highlights of the graduation speakers and a photo gallery, see the college’s website announcement about the 2014 Commencement Ceremony.

May 5 is Communication Day

Sr Proj Conf, Sp14On Monday, May 5, students and faculty in the Department of Communication and Philosophy will gather to share undergraduate research and celebrate the accomplishments of honors students and graduating seniors.

This special occasion is called “Communication Day” and features the following events:

  • Panel presentations of students enrolled in Senior Project, 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., Media Arts Center #155 and #158
  • Poster presentations of students enrolled in Intro to Communication Studies, 10:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., hallway in Media Arts Center
  • Pizza luncheon that also includes an awards ceremony for seniors, an honorary speaker, and the induction of new student members into Lambda Pi Eta, noon to 1 p.m., Mountain View Room in Student Center

Dr. Landau receives President’s Good Steward Award

President Anne Huot, Dr. Jamie Landau, and Jessica Gagne Cloutier attend the Campus Compact for NH Presidents' Awards ceremony

President Anne Huot, Dr. Jamie Landau, and Jessica Gagne Cloutier attend the Presidents’ Awards ceremony

Dr. Jamie Landau is this year’s recipient of Keene State College President’s Good Steward Award.

This award is for a member of the faculty, administration, or staff who has contributed her professional expertise in service to the wider community and who has significantly advanced public service on campus.

Keene State College President Anne Huot presented Dr. Landau with the Good Steward Award on April 8 at a ceremony organized by the Campus Compact for New Hampshire. Campus Compact for New Hampshire is a statewide consortium of college presidents who are committed to integrating community service and civic responsibility into higher education. Dr. Landau received this recognition in honor of her leadership of the Safe Space Subcommittee of the Keene State College Campus Commission for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusiveness, for her role as faculty advisor to KSC Pride, and since she teaches service-learning courses.


Public speaking contest

Speech Contest, Sp14Later this week, exemplary students enrolled in IHCOMM 171: Public Speaking will compete in the annual Lambda Pi Eta Speech Contest. Winners will not only receive bragging rights on their resumes but also will be honored with award certificates and cash prizes funded by Bedford/St. Martin’s book publishers.

  • Friday, April 25, 3 p.m., Madison Street Lounge, Student Center

This is an annual public speaking contest organized by Lambda Pi Eta, the honor society for communication majors at Keene State College. The student names of former first place winners of the Lambda Pi Eta Speech Contest are engraved on a plaque that hangs in the Media Arts Center.

Intern for Monadnock Radio or Target

radioRecruiters from Monadnock Radio Group and Target stores in Massachusetts want communication majors at Keene State College as summer interns.

These internships are paid and excellent opportunities for students studying communication to use their strong written and oral communication skills.

To apply, visit the college’s jobWISE post for Intern at Monadnock Radio Group, or contact Greg Pare who is a Boston-based Senior Field Campus Recruiter in Human Resources at Target.