The CELT team has developed a schedule of Canvas workshops during the month of January including two days packed with topics such as “Settings and Notifications”, “Discussion Boards”, “Rubrics”, and four “Introduction to Canvas” sessions including one in the evening (Wednesday 1/7/15). If all you need are a few nagging questions answered then a Canvas Study Hall might be what you’re looking for. These are not formal intro sessions, nor are they one-on-one appointments, but are intended to provide faculty a place to develop Canvas courses with a Canvas “expert” present to help with questions that arise.

Consider signing up for a workshop or dropping in on our Study Hall on Thursday, January 15th between 11:00am-6:00pm (details can be found in the link below).

Full spring workshop and Study Hall schedule can be found here:





On Thursday, January 15th there is a first-come-first serve drop-in session dedicated to faculty who need an answer to a quick question.

Bb-to-Canvas Update

Thank you Keene State faculty!
As of Monday, June 9th, 50% of the faculty scheduled to migrate to Canvas this fall have taken an Introduction to Canvas workshop or have used Canvas previously. This is up 15% since May 9th. We’re thrilled with the number and hope to see it rise again in the next few months.

New material has been added to the Getting to Know Canvas course including a nifty Browsers for Canvas checker, and an assignment types flowchart. The course is open and can be accessed here:

Speaking of workshops, you can find a schedule of Canvas workshops and descriptions here including our newest addition, Using Assignments in Canvas. This session is led by CELT’s new Instructional Consultant, Chris Odato. Sign up for the workshop and say hi to Chris!