January 18, 2013: Welcome back — Spring Semester beginning ….Topic#1 the FLU

Good afternoon,

I look forward to seeing you all in the coming days and hope that your recent break was joyous, warm and flu free.  If not, I share your agony and hope that you are feeling better.

This is the first of a brief series of topical emails you will receive from me in the coming hours-I wanted to limit emails to you over the break, so bear with me please.

First topic:  The Flu

As we prepare for the full return to campus next week, I call your attention to the message from our Director of the Center for Health and Wellness (forwarded below).  We have sought to actively communicate with students our expectation that they will contact their faculty if they are unable to return to campus for first class meetings next week.

In anticipation that some students may not meet this expectation, I would ask you to demonstrate leniency with regard to seat availability if a student is absent on the first day, but has not contacted you.  Please consider the creation of a waiting list for those students seeking seats in a course.  If you have not heard from a registered student within 24 hours of the first class meeting, please support the course addition for a student on the waiting list, as possible given course enrollment caps.

As was shared today in our campus meeting by Chris, we believe the peak in flu incidence may have passed in New Hampshire, but for our surrounding states we remain unsure of the impact for the first few weeks of our spring semester.  Thank you for your patience as we anticipate some unsettled attendance patterns.

See you next week!