Keene State College has held accreditation by the Council for the Accreditation of Educator Preparation (“CAEP”, formerly, the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education, “NCATE”) since 1954.

CAEP pursues “excellence in educator preparation accreditation” as its vision, and in particular, CAEP is working with educator preparation programs across the United States to “advance equity and excellence in educator preparation through evidence-based accreditation that assures quality and supports continuous improvement to strengthen P-12 student learning.” (Source: CAEP’s Vision and Mission).


CAEP 2022 Self-Study Report & Site Visit

Click the link to visit our CAEP 2022 SSR and Site Visit site.

Annual Reports 

To comply with federal regulations, our EPP provides CAEP annual reports and Title II annual reports below in linked files.

CAEP Annual Report – 2021

Annual report snapshot

Impact Measures

Measure 1: Impact on P-12 Learning and Development

Data for Measure 1 is currently under development. We received P-12 student growth measures of our program completers at the end of March 2021. The EPP plans to make this data publicly available in July 2021.

Measure 2: Indicators of Teaching Effectiveness 

Our EPP compiled Measure 2 data in 2019-2020 CAEP Annual Report. Due to COVID-19, we are not able to observe our completers’ classroom teaching for this round of CAEP Annual Report.

Measure 3: Satisfaction of Employers and Employment Milestones

To further investigate how our completers performance in their current job positions, we conducted follow-up interviews in our Special Education program and Educational Leadership program. Our EPP will roll out employer interviews in other programs in the coming semesters.

SPED Employer Interview Exec Summary-Spring 2020

EDLD Employer Interview Exec Summary-Sp2020

Measure 4: Satisfaction of Completers 

We commit ourselves to the excellence of preparing our candidates to be highly qualified teachers who can have high impact on their P-12 students. We continue our completers’ satisfaction survey and focus group on an annual basis. In addition, we conduct Exit Survey with graduating students before they complete and leave our program during their student teaching. We scheduled to conduct interview with our Special Education completers in late Spring 2021 and the report will be uploaded here in June!

Standard 4 Completer’s Survey summary results – 2020

Outcome Measures

Measure 5: Graduation Rates 

Detailed information with respect to our EPP programs’ graduation rates is available at: Graduation Rates by Majors: 2020-2021 Institutional Research Office Factbook (Page 84 to 96). 

Measure 6: Ability of completers to meet licensing (certification) and any additional state requirement 

The list below shows our respective program’s number of completers, number of not taking PRAXIS II test, the number of completers who passed PRAXIS II test and the pass rate.

Early Childhood (9, 7, 2, 100%); Elementary Education (32, 0, 32, 100%); English (6, 1, 4, 80%); Life Science (1, 0, 1, 100%); Math-Middle Level (1, 0, 1, 100%); Math-Upper Level (4, 0, 4, 100%); Music Education (7, 0, 5, 71%); Physical Education (4, 0, 4, 100%); Science (5-8) (2, 0, 2, 100%); Social Studies (10, 0, 10, 100%); Spanish (3, 1, 1, 50%)

Title II Report can be accessed at:

Measure 7: Ability of completers to be hired in education positions for which they have prepared

Our EPP is making efforts to work with New Hampshire Department of Education to obtain the employment information of our completers who are hired in education positions in New Hampshire.

Our Office of Institutional Research and Assessment also compiles employment data from our alumni survey. The employment data for class 2018 is the most recent data that is available.

Measure 8: Student loan default rates and other consumer information 

For our EPP’s completers from AY 15-16, 16-17, and 17-18, as of Spring 2021, we have zero graduates defaulting on loans.

Full CAEP Annual Report Archive

CAEP Annual Report April 2021

CAEP Annual Report April 2020

CAEP Annual Report April 2019

CAEP Annual Report April 2018

Nationally Recognized Programs

Initial Preparation

biologyrecognized until 8/1/2025
chemistryrecognized until 8/1/2025
Early Childhood Educationrecognized until 2/1/2026
Early Childhood Post-Bacrecognized until 8/1/2021
Earth Sciencerecognized until 8/1/2025
Elementary Educationrecognized w/ conditions Expired at 8/1/2020
Elementary Education Post-Bacrecognized until 8/1/2021
Englishrecognized until 8/1/2025
English Post-Bacrecognized until 2/1/2022
General Sciencerecognized until 8/1/2025
Mathematics for Middle Levelrecognized until 2/1/2027
Mathematics for Middle-level Post-Bacnot recognized Expired 8/1/2015
Modern Languagerecognized until 8/1/2026
Physical Educationrecognized w/ conditions Expired at 8/1/2021
Physicsrecognized until 8/1/2025
Secondary Mathematics recognized until 8/1/2025
Secondary Mathematics Post-BacNot recognized Expired at 8/1/2015
Social Studiesrecognized until 8/1/2027


Advanced Preparation

Educational Leadershiprecognized until 8/1/2026
Special Educationrecognized until 8/1/2026


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